Monday, 26 September 2011

Rant 1: World of Warcraft Cataclysm


This sums up my attitude towards the game as a whole.


This sums up my feelings about recent changes in World of Warcraft.

So why the difference? World of Warcraft is 7 years old. It has been the most successful MMO of all time so far, a genre defining work that may NEVER be beaten. But while that is its best asset it is also its greatest downfall.

They have gotten LAZY. The content they are coming out with is disappointing to say the least. 4.3 comes soon and with it we get Transmogrification. Great seems like a cool addition, But wait! The art team now needs to do less work! Oh and remember they have important things to do before fixing trivial game mechanic bugs and plot holes in the story, REALLY important stuff. LIKE MAKING MY WEAPON SHINY AND BLUE!. It seems that in reality they care more about Diablo 3 and Project Titan (Facebook App I guarantee).

The new 5 mans look appealing based on the screenshots, Deathwing draped all over Wyrmrest Temple makes me a little happy, but only 1 more raid and that's the big D himself? That seems a little stupid when we have only had 4 so far. Apparently one reason behind this is that the lore for the Neptulon/Aszhara raid “didn't fit”. May I remind you about the entire Draenei race.

Underwater Raid with a part to play in the story > Space goats who crashed their ship into a random island that no one wants to go to.

This brings us nicely onto the Legendary dagger(s). Rogue daggers seemed to me the most unlikely of choices for the next legendary, I mean we have had loads of rogue stuff before. But this is what they have chosen. I enjoy my rogue so when they announced this you may have thought i would be exhilarated. THINK FUCKING AGAIN!

This is a stupid idea. I shall agree with it for my own gain, but come on Blizzard, there are plenty of specs of classes who have never had access to a legendary (Im looking at you Enhancement) and yet you choose Rogues. It seems that while thought has gone into these decisions it has been misplaced.

In reality this patch is both good and bad. Firelands isn't a bad raid instance and with us beating Ragnaros the Firelord up it is also an entertaining instance, but the issue is that its got nothing else to go with it. Cataclysm shipped with 3 raid instances, Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent and Throne of the Four Winds. That's 3 instances to go to and have a different scene every time. Firelands is.....Well the name is pretty self explanatory, Fire, Rocks, Lava, Some more rocks, Turtles, and more fire. Turtles i hear you cry, Yes fucking fiery turtles. Let me tell you, that while being hurtled into the air by fiery turtles doesn't get old, all the fire does.

Overall I've been left very confused by Blizzards motives. They seem to have lost touch with the WoW community a little bit and this isn't something that bodes well. Hopefully this is wrong and they have some uber ideas that will spice World of Warcraft right up to its considerably ugly eyeballs.

WoW is a great game, and I've spent many hours enjoying it, especially the Burning Crusade expansion, minus the space goats of course, but it seems to be getting less and less exciting as it moves through expansions.

I think the only thing that keeps me playing WoW is the people. My guild is great, and my previous guilds were great. I have previously quit and both times the people made me come back. Without friends the game just isn't as fun, and this is the same for nearly all MMO’s.

I think part of the reason I'm less interested than i was during The Burning Crusade is that my guild then, a 25 man raiding guild, is a rarity these days. Lots of 10mans, which is great, but i miss my 2 seperate lockouts a week, and i miss the camaraderie of 25 people all trying to kill something. I hope Blizzard might look at changing this back in the future.

At the moment i would call World of Warcraft the Sebastian Vettel of the MMO world. It knows its the best, and it continues to win, to the point where no one can match it. But in reality everyone wishes that Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso (Not this person) would beat him, just because no one really likes him as much as they would love something different. This is in my opinion where WoW has been successful. Given the choice between your favourite fantasy/sci fi book/film/world and WoW if your choice was as good as WoW which would you pick?

That's what I thought. :)

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